Where do you find inspiration?  All around us are people who are kind, brave, open, in the face of great challenges.  Some are survivors of deep trauma like many of us.  Some live with chronic and/or life threatening illness, either their own or a loved ones’.  We find people of courage in those who choose to stand for and with others who are neglected, forgotten, lost, alone, dismissed or  discriminated against.  I believe we can find inspiration to help fuel our own healing journey through the example of others.

 With that in mind we have this edition of Healing Music our ongoing series of music suggested by our readers which speaks to them.  “ Quiet” by MILCK, became an anthem for the 2017 Women’s March.  The video below is from that march in Washington DC.  In the description you will find the lyrics, more about the film maker and the march. 

 The lyrics include :

Oh I can’t keep quiet
Let it out, let it out now
Let it out now
There’ll be someone who understands
Let it out, let it out now
Let it out now

There are people all around the world, speaking out, sharing with others their stories of abuse, survival and healing.  They “can’t keep quiet” and their voices offer hope to others.  Speaking out is scary.  It can also be healing. 

I find myself inspired by the women around the world who are will not keep quiet.  Their courage and determination nourishes in me my own determination and courage to heal, to share, to speak out, to simply be.  Not only can we take inspiration from others who are willing to share their stories but we are also reminded that we are not alone.  MenHealing has a series of videos of men speaking out their stories and sharing parts of their journey. You will find them in the video section of the website, or on the MenHealing YouTube channel .  Besides stories from male survivors you will find other helpful and interesting videos.

What inspires you, give you courage to take your next step, helps you to speak up and out?

What makes it difficult for you to take you speak up? 

I invite you to share in comments below.  If you have a story, song, painting, dance you’d like to share with us all, or would like an interview to be shared in the blog, let me know using the “Join the MenHealing” link in the sidebar and I will be in touch.

 I hope you find the song and video inspirational for you on your healing journey.  Remember your voice matters.  You matter!

Be well.  Stay Safe.  Take good care.


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