The Weekend of Recovery retreats and workshops offer a wide range of activities designed for safety and with attention to how to engage male survivors who may have a long history of isolation.

Due to COVID-19, some of our events will be conducted ONLINE.


Our Weekend of Recovery (WOR) retreats are three-day healing workshops for male survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual trauma as a child or as an adult. WORs begin at Noon on Friday and end at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The weekend agenda consists of a variety of large group activities mixed with small group sessions. Optional activities such as Mindfulness Walks and casual outdoor hikes are also available.

Download a Sample Schedule and Agenda (PDF)

Clickable PDF Icon to Download a Sample Agenda
Clickable PDF Icon to Download a Sample Agenda
Clickable PDF Icon to Download a Sample Agenda
Clickable PDF Icon to Download a Sample Agenda

What Will Be Expected Of Me?

Although we encourage active participation in WOR retreats, activities are structured to allow you to pace the level of your involvement. Confidentiality and safety are cornerstones of our time together. WORs are highly effective in lessening feelings of isolation in male survivors and creating opportunities for engagement and community. We also include generous amounts of break time to provide opportunities for you to develop friendships with other participants.

Will I Be Safe?

Early during each event, facilitators guide participants through an interactive exercise to identify factors that can help participants feel safe throughout the weekend. While common safety needs emerge, this process allows an opportunity for you to contribute any unique concerns.

MenHealing acknowledges and honors the diversities of attendees at each Weekend of Recovery (racial, ethnic, class, spirituality, sexuality, gender, etc.).

What Can a Weekend of Recovery Do for Me?

WOR provides a safe place for you to:

  • Realize you are not alone;
  • Share your inner pain, strength, and hope with others who have been sexually assaulted;
  • Explore deeper aspects of your healing journey;
  • Experiment with opening up and being vulnerable;
  • Practice asking for the support you need;
  • Explore safe ways of expanding your comfort zones;
  • Discover ways to deal with obstacles that prevent you from moving beyond your trauma;
  • Experience a sense of community, brotherhood, and joy.

More Opportunities

We conduct a variety of events throughout the year. Be sure to visit our Calendar to see all scheduled events. Here are two other workshops you may be interested in.

Day Of Recovery

Our one-day retreats are for those who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to attend a weekend retreat. Day of Recovery provides an opportunity for men to gain a brief experience of our basic process and decide whether the three-day Weekend of Recovery retreat would be right for them.

Learn More about Days of Recovery

Advanced WOR

Anyone who has completed a Level 1 Weekend of Recovery is eligible to attend an Advanced WOR. These retreats are a little longer than Level 1 WOR and usually adopt a theme of focus. Partners are sometimes allowed to attend some advanced retreats.

Learn More About Advanced Weekends of Recovery

Pay What You Can!

If you are unable to pay the actual cost for an event, we allow you to submit payment for an amount that better reflects your budget. We do require a minimum payment of 10% of the actual cost.


We select venues for our retreats that are easily accessible, respect participant safety, provide solitude and relaxation, and that have staff who are committed to the goals of our program.