Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing is an ongoing video series aimed to highlight the healing journeys of male survivors of sexual abuse who want to share their stories about life beyond survival.

Brief videos ( 2–5 minutes) highlight the healing journeys of male survivors. These videos are a source of inspiration and hope – real life stories of courageous men who have transformed their lives beyond survival.

December Featured Voice: Hank

Would You Like to Participate?
  • We welcome submissions from all WOR Alumni but cannot guarantee publication.
  • MenHealing manages all the logistics for the production of “Beyond Survival” videos at no cost to you.
  • We will arrange with you to sign a Consent Form for your participation and for MenHealing to release the final video publicly.
  • You will have the option to withdraw from this project at any stage of production.
  • Before you contact us we encourage you to view videos on this page.

Voices of Healing Archive

This is a small subset of the videos available on our Youtube Channel.
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Muchos de estos videos también están disponibles en Español.