MenHealing is a 501c3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to providing healing resources for men age 18 and older who have experienced sexual trauma during childhood or as adults. MenHealing insures the sustainability of the Weekend of Recovery program.

Weekend of Recovery (WOR) retreats provide complementary support for any male – 18 or older – who is a survivor of sexual trauma as a child and/or as an adult. By engaging participants in creating an environment that supports safety needs for male-identified survivors, our program format seeks to acknowledge and honor the authentic diversities of attendees at each WOR (racial, ethnic, class, spirituality, sexuality, gender, etc.). Alumni of WOR retreats report the experience contributed to easing their suffering; to enabling higher functioning; to facilitating  healthier relationships with friends, partners, children; to inspiring activism; and to diminishing the cycle of victimization.

The program is maintained by an experienced team of highly trained trauma clinicians. Since 2001 thru 2018, the WOR Facilitator Team has conducted 72 WORs throughout the US and Canada.

Upcoming Events

Kilimanjaro Expedition Challenge

Join a male survivor and WOR alumni on a new adventure to Africa to inspire other survivors to move beyond mere survival. Through this adventure, he aims to focus on what can be instead of what was, all while raising funds to help facilitate incredible healing opportunities for men who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

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“An experience that allows you to open your heart to the possibility that the past will not define my future. The supportive nature of the weekend allows freedom to express fears without worrying about the stigma of being a male survivor.”
–Sequoia WOR

“The most powerful time I have spent overcoming my abuse and the best launchpad I have found for a shot at not just surviving but thriving.”
–Alta WOR

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