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MenHealing Highlight Report

As we continue to journey through Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2023 we invite YOU to review highlights of MenHealing from the past year. Click the image.

Registration Open for 2023 Advanced WOR

The 2023 Advanced Weekend of Recovery – open to all WOR Alumni – will focus on EMBODYING LOVE AND POWER IN RELATIONSHIPS. This dynamic weekend will focus on providing participants with the skills to balance and integrate being both loving and powerful in relationships.

If you have a partner, they are also welcome and encouraged – but not required – to join you.

You are encouraged to register early as registration is limited and our Advanced Weekends frequently fill quickly. Registration will remain open until July 21st, 2023.

I am grateful for the courage of the other 26 men who stepped into this arena with me and stood with me as my walls were brought down and my barriers overcome.

— Anonymous Weekend of Recovery Alumnus


Alta Lodge building nestled in a serene mountain environment.

Alta Advanced Weekend Of Recovery

Dates: Aug 4-6, 2023
Event Type: In-Person

This Advanced Weekend of Recovery will focus on providing participants with the skills to balance and integrate being both loving and powerful in relationships.

Alta Level 1 Weekend Of Recovery

Dates: Sep 18-20, 2023
Event Type: In-Person

Weekend of Recovery (WOR) Retreats provide support for any male – 18 or older – who is a survivor of sexual trauma as a child and/or as an adult. Healing in a community is a powerful way to lessen isolation and reduce feelings of shame.

MenHealing Stands Against The Historical & Ongoing Violence Being Done Against Black And Brown Americans. We Stand With Those Who Have Been Brutalized & Silenced. We Will Listen. We Will Challenge All Systemic & Institutionalized Racism.

— MenHealing Board of Directors & Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team

Help for Male Survivors

MenHealing conducts healing workshops for men, age 18 and older, who have experienced sexual abuse or sexual assault as a child and/or as an adult. Since 2001 we have served more than 1,649 men through 83 Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery Events.

Healing Retreats

Our core mission is largely met through our unique healing retreats for male survivors. Eighty-three Weekend of Recovery or Day of Recovery events have been conducted since 2001. All WOR/DOR events since 2017 have been exclusively managed by MenHealing.


Throughout the year we conduct some of our healing retreats and other special events in partnership with like-minded service organizations such as the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC) and the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.

Alumni Support

Many WOR alumni form long-lasting bonds and stay in touch after the conclusion of a retreat. Many of them also go on to attend Advanced Weekends of Recovery. Some have chosen to continue a relationship with MenHealing in volunteer support capacities.

Weekend of Recovery

Due to COVID-19 some of our events will be conducted ONLINE. Learn More About Online Events…

Our Weekend of Recovery (WOR) program – which operates solely and exclusively under the auspices of MenHealing – provides a unique healing resource for male survivors. MenHealing is equipped with the exceptional skills of bold and innovative personnel, many of whom are nationally-recognized pioneers and leaders for male survivors. Our Executive DirectorBoard of Directors, members of the Facilitator Team, and support staff possess a wealth of skills and proven leadership.

WOR retreats are three-day healing workshops for male survivors of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or sexual trauma as a child or as an adult. WORs begin at Noon on Friday and end at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The weekend agenda consists of a variety of large group activities, mixed with small group sessions. Optional activities such as mindfulness walks and casual outdoor hikes are also available.

We also offer single Days of Recovery for anyone not able to attend a full weekend and Advanced WORs for men who want to repeat the experience on a deeper level.

Five Core Values of MenHealing

Our Core Values: Transparency, Relationship, Integrity, Self-Care and Intentionality.

Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing

Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing is an ongoing video series aimed to highlight the healing journeys of male survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse, or other sexual victimization who want to share their stories about life beyond survival.

See More Voices of Healing Videos

We Welcome All Male Survivors to Our Workshops and Retreats, Including Heterosexual and Cisgender Males; Gay, Bi, Queer and Nonconforming Males; And Our Trans Brothers.

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