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What is a Day of Recovery?

Our one-day workshops and healing retreats are for those who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to attend a full Weekend of Recovery retreat. Day of Recovery provides an opportunity for men to gain a brief experience of our basic process and decide whether the three-day Weekend of Recovery retreat would be right for them.

Survivors are resilient and have developed the ability to feel better and experience safety, self-worth, intimacy, and freedom. Difficult emotions, such as shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, anger, and many others, may feel like inner perpetrators for many survivors by shutting them down and trapping them in unhealthy patterns.

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The Day of Recovery is designed to help participants develop a conscious and healing relationship with these difficult emotions – a relationship characterized by exquisite self-compassion, self-respect, and self-direction. We will utilize mindfulness skills, body awareness and empowerment, experiential activities, music, art, outdoor exploration, movement, play, and small-group processing to reach these goals.

Day of Recovery Benefits

Participants in the Day of Recovery will:

  • discover they are no longer alone in their recovery;
  • experience safety with other survivors as they explore further aspects of their healing journey;
  • have an opportunity to share their experiences with others who have encountered sexual violation;
  • experience a sense of community, brotherhood, and joy with other male survivors
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What’s Next?

Many men who complete a Day of Recovery often find themselves wanting to experience a full Weekend of Recovery. WORs begin at Noon on Friday and end at 3 p.m. on Sunday. The weekend agenda consists of a variety of large group activities, mixed with small group sessions. Optional activities such as Mindfulness Walks and casual outdoor hikes are also available.

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