Why Volunteer for MenHealing?

Men Healing values collaborative engagement with volunteers. The first thing to consider is what the word ‘volunteer’ means. For us at MenHealing it does not just mean ‘work for free’. The essence of being a volunteer is becoming a member of a community to fulfill a shared/common social service or need.
We welcome males survivors as well as allies for volunteer help. We are committed to support volunteer service with respect for whatever amount of time you might be able to offer. When possible, we welcome opportunities for volunteers to work collaboratively and to avoid your time and energy being treated as second-class labor.

We welcome your inquiry to explore ways to volunteer for us if you have specialized skills to offer.

Benefits of Volunteering for You

It’s Good For You!

Studies have shown that when we focus our efforts on other people we decrease our own levels of stress and our mood improves. Giving of ourselves brings an additional sense of purpose to our lives which in turn enhances confidence in ourselves and our feelings of self-worth.

You Will Learn Things

Volunteering brings you into contact with people and communities you may not otherwise have encountered. You are also likely to meet many people whose stories and lives are inspirational.

Benefits of Volunteering For Us

You’re Needed!

You can contribute to improving our services – volunteers often have skill sets and creativity that enhance the effectiveness of our work. Some needs are simple and basic, such as data entry or proofreading. Some needs are creative, such as photography or writing. Some needs are one-off and some are ongoing. Many of our needs may not have even been thought of yet! Some of our existing volunteers brought their ideas to us.

Expanding Our Reach

A social universe surrounds every person. With the addition of a single new volunteer to our community you are helping us to expand the entire MenHealing community.

Supporting Male Survivors

Many male survivors keep their victimization hidden which can lead to isolation. Male survivors need to know they are not alone. They need to know that if they speak out they will be seen and supported. They need to know that organizations and resources like MenHealing are available to them.