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100 K in 100 Days Fundraiser

Expanding Men’s Healing From Sexual Victimization

This Instagram Live series features discussions about innovative approaches for healing from sexual trauma. Guest speakers will explore a diverse range of perspectives about social and cultural factors that impact survivors’ journeys of healing. With an awareness that sexual trauma does not happen within a vacuum, each episode will delve into the intersectional ways that sexual trauma is compounded by racial and gender identities, oppression and white supremacy.

Beyond Survival: Voices Of Healing

Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing is an ongoing video series aimed to highlight the healing journeys of male survivors of sexual abuse who want to share their narrative about life beyond survival. We hope these videos will offer hope and inspiration to other male survivors.

The Men’s Story Project

This powerful original video series is the product of a collaboration between MenHealing and The Men’s Story Project. The Men’s Story Project is a bold storytelling and dialogue project where diverse men and folks who identify with masculinity share personal stories that take a stand for healthy masculinities and intersectional gender justice.

Beyond Survival: Skills For Healing

Beyond Survival: Skills for Healing is a video series created by the MenHealing team that will be of particular interest to male survivors of sexual victimization. Together with our companion series, Beyond Survival, Voices of Healing (above), in which MenHealing Alumni share their personal stories, our videos highlight the many ways in which it is possible for men to move “beyond survival” and into a life of self-determination and positive achievement.

Faces Of Men Healing

Trans & Nonbinary Survivors Speak Out

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