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Donations to MenHealing are charitable, tax-deductible contributions, and your donation will help male survivors of sexual victimization. They will appear on your donation statement as MenHealing.

MenHealing is grateful for the generosity of individual donors, whose financial contributions support over 80% of our operating budget. We want to acknowledge the following one-time and recurring donors who contributed to MenHealing during the 2020 calendar year. We also want to acknowledge those donors who have contributed financially but prefer to remain anonymous.

We invite YOU to consider whether YOU can join our grassroots community of financial donors in 2021.

Our Generous Donors

A Dedicated Facilitator
Daniel Adams
Jessie Bathrick
Jeff Bell
Jeff Brandt
Bill Burmester
Michael Castellana
Das Chapin
Jeff & Bonnie Clay
Joanna Colrain
Chad Corbley
Frances V. Dillon
Ryan Duff
Marion Dunn
Daniel Durack
Guy Edwards
Maria Estrada
Dave Evanoff
Dave Fletcher &
Leo Ramos
Howard Fradkin
Franklin Theatrical Group
Anne Freed, LCSW
Adam Frost
Dr. Richard Gartner
Brian Greene
Rob Hawkings &
Angela Kondrak
Tom & Jan Hodson
Jackson Holtz &
Jeremy Moser
James Hopper
Margaret Hunter
Mic Hunter
Sharon Imperato
Lisa Jameson
Eric Jennings
Sam Katz
Gary Katz
Kirby Killingham
Kenton Kirby
Jeffrey Kramer &
Janet Craig
Niall Lenihan
Mimi Levitt
Giles Maidon
Dave Mangum
Sonya Martinez-Ortiz
Jordan Masciangelo
Jerry Miller
Steve Miller
Alex Mollhoff &
Jeff Keyes
Ernesto Mujica
Michael Munson
Jeff Neal
Brian O’Leary
Marina Peed
Melinda Pettingill
Michael Phoenix
Robert & Cheryl Purvis
Terence Rice
Martha Rieser
Larry Ruhl
Rich Sims
Paul Stretch, LCSW
Jim Struve
Andrew Swindle
CJ Sumner
Diana Thomas
John Walker
Jim Walker
Debra Warner
Ellen Weiss
Rick Williams