Beyond Survival: Skills for Healing

Beyond Survival: Skills for Healing is a video series created by the MenHealing team that will be of particular interest to male survivors of sexual victimization. Together with our companion series, Beyond Survival, Voices of Healing, in which MenHealing Alumni share their personal stories, our videos highlight the many ways in which it is possible for men to move “beyond survival” and into a life of self-determination and positive achievement.

Somatic Skills for Healing – Breath Awareness

Richard Sims, RSME, RSMT, CTP – Rich is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Movement Therapist, Certified Trauma Professional, Somatic & Mindfulness Educator and Aikido Instructor based in the Chicago area.

He’s worked with Somatic (Body Based), Embodiment and Mindfulness practices for over twenty-five years. Through this experience he teaches his students to create an open, caring, relaxed, powerful “BodyMind” state.

From here he shows how they can combine their new tools, knowledge and abilities, using their bodies and minds together to engage and influence their emotions and how they interact with their world.

Pebbles Meditation

This ‘Pebbles Meditation’ offers a specific tool that can be incorporated into your Mindfulness Practice. This Meditation is led by Jim Struve, Executive Director of MenHealing.

Trauma Informed Yoga

Erik Fuentes is an E-200 hour registered accessible yoga instructor with certifications in chair yoga, accessible yoga, yin yoga, and trauma informed yoga. This sequence has been developed exclusively for MenHealing. Find Erik on Instagram @erikfuentesyoga.

Removing “Disorder” from Trauma

This dynamic animated video challenges the paradigm of ‘Disorder’ for male survivors of sexual victimization, offering an alternative to overcome victim blaming of survivors. Reframing Trauma is a message of hope and healing, replacing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI).