1 in 6 men experience sexual victimization in their lifetime. That’s 29,000,000 males in the United States alone. The statistics are astounding, but there are stories behind the statistics.

MenHealing Presents The Men’s Story Project
Survivors’ Healing Journeys

This powerful original video series is the product of a collaboration between MenHealing and The Men’s Story Project.

The Men’s Story Project is a bold storytelling and dialogue project where diverse men and folks who identify with masculinity share personal stories that take a stand for healthy masculinities and intersectional gender justice.

Michael Guinn

Michael Guinn

“My Brother’s Keeper”

I joined the Men’s Story Project because it was important to me to be part of a community of men who while searching themselves find healing and gain the strength to tell their stories.


“Breaking The Cycle Of Shame”

I wanted to join the Men’s Story Project because I deeply desired to heal from being a victim of violence.

When I joined the Men’s Story Project, I had no idea of the life changing transformations that would take place as I shared my story. I am not proud of having been assaulted, but I am incredibly proud to finally be free enough to share my ongoing journey of recovery. My story focuses on how breaking the cycle of shame has empowered me to begin healing from being a victim of abuse. I really hope my story will help others to know that they are not alone and that they can also heal from trauma.


“Being Robbed”

I am not looking to launch a movement, but I also know that what happened to me is not unique. I’ve decided to share my experience in an honest and vulnerable way. I hope my actions will encourage others to reciprocate and risk being vulnerable with someone they trust. I didn’t start by sharing my experience with the public; I started with one person I trusted.

Mike Davis

“Now I Remember”

At the age of 60 Mike started to remember his childhood sexual abuse and began active recovery. He hopes in sharing his story other survivors will know they are not alone, find hope and courage.

Jon Gilgoff


I wanted to be involved with this storytelling project because of my love of the arts, my commitment to recovery, and my interest in raising awareness around issues that face boys and men. I hope my story will enable others to empathize more with male survivors, to better support us as allies, and to take positive action towards ending sexual violence in all its horrific forms.

Kevin Flood

“A Miracle Of Recovery”

I joined this program because I feel it is critical to let all men know there is help for sex abuse recovery and they are not alone. I was 55 when I became aware of my abuse and it is never too late to start reaching out for help. I’m 80 and I hope that my involvement will draw older men to reach out for help.


“Vocal Chord”

I joined this project to share my story of sexual trauma and recovery for anyone that is able to listen and to be a voice for males of color that have not seen a reflection of themselves yet.

Kevin O’Donnell

“Chapters In The Book Of Kevin”

I became involved with this project for 3 reasons. 1) I wanted to shine a light on male sexual abuse trauma. 2) I wanted to let other survivors know that they are not alone, I believe you, it wasn’t your fault and there are many resources available to get help. 3) I also wanted to give that 9 year boy old a voice. He was silent about the abuse for almost 25 years.

Michael Lain

“What I Know Now”

When I first started attempting to heal from my trauma and abuse, I made a vow to myself that one day I would use my experience to assist other men who had been through intimate partner violence and sexual abuse. I realize this vow can never be completely fulfilled, because there will always be work to do and more people to help – but I am so grateful to the people who have organized this project for giving me and other men this platform to help bring awareness to the fact that men CAN be victims, but also that men CAN heal.

Mike Chapman

“Mike’s Story”

I wanted to join MSP because I know part of my Healing Journey is to share my recovery experience with others. MSP is the perfect platform for that, showing other Male CSA Survivors that they are not alone, the abuse was NOT THEIR FAULT and that healing IS possible.

Jeff Brandt

“Using My Voice”

Using my voice to show healing is possible. My hope is that another survivor will start their journey of healing and take the first step.


“Out Of The Shadows In Corporate America”

On the outside, life looked great for Rob. He had a great job and was climbing the corporate ladder. Good friends. Loving family. He was happy. No issues. But that was on the outside. What Rob learned was when he had secrets, he was lonely. There was no room for love, joy or peace. For the longest time, Rob promised himself that he would never tell anyone that he was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse – -especially inside Corporate America. He struggled daily with anxiety and felt like he had carried around a backpack full of rocks his whole life. After 28 years in Corporate America, Rob decided it was time to tell his story to his co-workers and his community. Each time he tells his story, he feels as though he is removing more rocks. He is here today to demonstrate that as he is healing and continues to work on his recovery, he is able to help others with similar experiences – just as others helped him.