MenHealing is committed to maintaining continuity of services even as COVID-19 and economic uncertainties impact our work. To ensure safe and healthy environments for healing, most of our Weekend of Recovery and Day of Recovery events have been reformatted to allow secure and confidential online access on the same date as each event was originally scheduled. We will continue to closely monitor CDC and local health department advisements to determine the safety for those events that remain on our schedule for in-person access.

For all events, we have drastically reduced registration fees to insure that economic hardship does not impose barriers for accessing our events. Financial Assistance continues to be available for online events.

Some Online Events Will Continue Beyond COVID

As restrictions for physical distancing lessen and we are able to resume our schedule of in-person events, we are committed also to maintain events with online access. Offering a balance of in-person and on-line events will allow us to expand our outreach and reach male survivors and allies for whom participating virtually will be more accessible.

We Are Committed to Making Our Services Available

We are engaged in robust review of all aspects of our organizational culture and internal working relationships, as well as approaches for delivering our services. We strive to re-envision any aspect of our work that can contribute to overcoming racism or can lessen inequities that limit access to our services.

Thanks to each of you – our loyal Alumni and Allies – for your continued confidence and support for MenHealing and Weekends of Recovery.

MenHealing Executive Director, Facilitators, Board Members, and Support Staff