Recently I spent a weekend on the coast of Maine with two members of my 2019 MenHealing Weekend of Recovery small group.  We have kept in touch over these years.  It was an incredible time of sharing, laughing, listening, sharing our writing and enjoying being together.  Ben S wrote a poem which summed up our time together.  

Together Again
 by Ben S

A night in Wells
Steamers and burgers
Fries and salad
Stories and memories
Making more

Together again
We look into each others eyes
We smile
We laugh
We share our fascination

Of pain
Of sorrow
Of joy
Of tomorrow

A starry sky
Shines above
With the grace of waves
And powerful tides
Of baby steps 
And laughter 

Connection confirmed
Established and yearned
Together again
We made it

It has been so long
With distance and time gone by
And words of wisdom
We head to bed 
Solitude and togetherness
Spans the continent
And brings us together

A common bond
We created
Making it happen
Against all odds
We create a new reality

Full of connection
Full of reality
Full of care and concern
Full of compassion

What is in the silence?

We are the ones
Who will turn the tide
Change the message
From sheer will and unrest
We develop the belief, the reality, the expectation…
That men can thrive 
That men can heal
That men can support
That men can be
Together again. 

Mike, Jeremy and Ben in Wells, Maine

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Mike Davis

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