Words of Hope: Freedom

Do you have a quote or saying which has giving you strength, courage, hope in your healing journey? What message would you like to share with other survivors at the end of this challenging year? Sandi Forti, shares one of her favorite quotes with us today. There is a community of survivors and healers willing to travel with you. If you have one you’d like to share leave it in the comments below or email me at mi**@me********.org.

Be well. Stay safe. Take good care.


It Takes being Present…

When I was still seeing clients in my office I was fond of posting a quote on the outside of my door, which faced the waiting area. The quotes were intended to give pause, to inspire, to provide food for thought. Over the years, there were many occasions when a client would come in laughing, wondering if I had posted it just for them, or I would be stopped in the hall from someone else’s client, thanking me for the synchronicity of the quote for them in that moment of their life. I think that one of my favorite ones was:


Obviously, this has many implications for trauma recovery! It IS what we strive for in all the processing of the events of your abuse history, and in breaking free from the behavioral and cognitive patterns that developed as ways to survive. The quote is about thriving(!) about taking back who you really are and living fully. 

As I write this, we have entered the 10th month of the global pandemic, and it strikes me that this quote applies to all of us struggling with isolation, quarantine, and an uncertain future, because freedom is available, here, too….  It takes some work…it takes noticing the influence of negative thoughts or the return of old patterns and remembering how far you have come, the connections you have made in your recovery, the new communication skills and remembering to use them. It takes being present to the beauty of the natural world, or the bowl of soup in front of you. It takes reaching out, and most of all, remembering that you are amazing in your strength and in your vulnerability. It means taking up the challenge to THRIVE in the middle of this mess. 

Love and blessings to all of you in the Men Healing community. 


Sandi Forti PhD

WoR Facilitator

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