Jimmy, one of the blog readers shared with me a list of Maya Angelou’s top 10 rules.  I have not found if this is a list she created or some of her readers created.  Regardless they are really good and I thought I share some of them each day during this last week in 2020 and as we begin the new year. 

Rule number 1: Just do right!  In the video clip below she encourages us to

  •  Live what we teach
  • Try to be the best human being we can be
  • Pick up the battle of life, make your own choices, make a better world just where you are.

 You have much to offer the world, right where you are.  Watch the video clip and share your thoughts and reflection in a journal and if you like with us in the comments below.

Be well.  Be safe.  Take good care.

You are precious.


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