Eleven months ago “Beyond Survival: Still We Rise” was born.  Our goal was to connect men, their partners and allies through stories, conversations and more. We hoped the blog would become a place for meaningful dialogue.  We wanted the posts to include honest sharing of the challenges and the joys which other men experience as they journey beyond surviving to thriving.

Our goals have not changed.  We want to be a place of sharing and dialogue.  To offer greater opportunities for sharing the blog will move to a weekly publishing schedule.  Upcoming posts will include healing poems, stories, and music shared by other survivors.  A series of interviews with men from the Men’s Story Project (link) among others. Each month we will hear from Kevin Flood as he shares lessons learned along his healing journey.  

We want to hear from you.

We’d like to hear from you. Your sharing with touch the life of another survivor as they learn they are not the only one to face the challenges of recovery and healing. Do you have a song which has been helpful?  Have you written a poem, painted a picture, crafted a story?  Would you like to share but would be more comfortable with an interview?  Email me and we’ll work out the details (mike@menhealing.org).

Coming next week as a part of the Music for the Healing Journey series hear the song which inspired one reader to say::  “….I was listening to the word in this song.  I was struck by how I could see my younger self talking to the adult in me.”

Your voice matters.  You matter. You are not alone.

Maya Angelo’s poem “Still I Rise is the inspiration for the blog title. May it be an inspiration for you.  Still we rise!

 Be well.  Stay safe.  Take good care.



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