One in a Million

I’ve had the privilege to hear many stories from male survivors of sexual victimization.  Often they say something like this: “I thought I was one in a million. That no other men had experienced what happen to me.  Then I learned I was one in six. One in six men have experienced sexual abuse.”

“One in a million.”  This phrase has stuck with me.  As I played with it in my head two thoughts are prominent.  First, as a male survivor we are not alone.  Look around in a crowd.  For every six men you see, at least one of them is a survivor.  That is astonishing.  I love to watch NBA basketball.  On any team at least two players are likely to be survivors.   When you sit at a game or watch from home, look at the crowd (when crowds are permitted).  That arena is filled with men who have similar experiences of victimization.  One in six.

But on the other hand, you are one in a million (actually more than that).  No one else is exactly like you.  You are a unique gift to the world.  You are precious and priceless.  Your experience of abuse does not change that.  You are one in a million. 

You are a gift to the world

If you are feeling alone, reach out.  There are men waiting to journey with you. 

If you’d like to hear stories of men on the healing journey you can find more at Stories of Healing.  Another great source for stories is the 1 in 6 Male Survivors Stories

Coming at the end of March there will be an event where men will be sharing their story, live, on zoom. Watch for more details at Men’s Story Project: Survivors Healing Journeys. More information will be available soon.

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