The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is doing a series of podcasts that focus on male survivors. Several of the episodes feature MenHealing team members.

Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault are serious and widespread issues — but we can all work together to eliminate these issues and create a safer world. That’s where Resource on the Go comes in. Each episode provides insights on responding and preventing to sexual assault from experts who are doing this work every day. A go-to source for those working to end sexual violence, this podcast will explore topics like community-level prevention, evaluation, messaging, and more.

Working with Male Survivors: Healing at Sexual Assault Centers and Beyond

In this episode, Facilitator Team member Sharon Imperato and Executive Director Jim Struve join a conversation on working with male survivors of sexual assault. They share their history of collaboration, approaches to working with male survivors, and sexual assault center services that support men in healing from sexual trauma. Sharon is the Project Director of Clinical Training and Technical Assistance at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. Sharon and Jim are both also on the Facilitator Team.

Working with Male Survivors: Understanding Expressions of Trauma for Men

Facilitator Team member Kenton Kirby joins NSVRC’s Louie Marven to talk about understanding expressions of trauma for men. Kenton is the Director of Practice at the Center for Court Innovation, and in this podcast, he addresses how advocates at sexual assault centers can learn from his work to create safety for a young man who has been harmed to talk about that harm, some of the common ways men express trauma, and more.

Working with Male Survivors: How Sexual Assault Impacts Transgender Men

Board member Michael Munson joins NSVRC’s Louie Marven to talk about working with transgender men and transmasculine survivors. In Part 1, Michael talks about foundational concepts of gender relevant to working with trans men and transmasculine folks, and common reactions to sexual assault that may be especially relevant for advocates to understand in working with trans men and transmaculine survivors. In Part 2, Michael talks about sexual assault services advocates can provide when working with trans men and transmasculine survivors. Michael is the executive director of FORGE.

Working with Male Survivors: What Support Do Advocates Need?

Facilitator Team member Emiliano Diaz de Leon joins NSRVC for a conversation on his experience training and supporting sexual assault advocates in Texas as they work with male survivors. He shares information on common needs advocates have expressed, how to start providing services to male survivors, and more. Emiliano is the Men’s Engagement Specialist at TAASA, the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault.

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