Music has healing power. It can express our pain, comfort our grief, challenges us to change and express feelings too deep for just words. Music connects us to others across time and space. It takes us back in time or invites us to see a better future. Physician, Debashish Mridha says: “Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.” I believe he is right.

“Music can heal the wounds which medicine cannot touch.”

– Debasish Mridha

I have invited survivors to share songs which have spoken to them on their healing journey. In the next several posts I will share their responses. I hope the songs speak to you.

Jeremy shared these thoughts about “Brother” by Kodaline reflecting on his experience of a MenHealing Weekend of Recovery:

At the end of my first Weekend of Recovery, I sat in the Salt Lake City Airport waiting to board my flight back to Washington. As I sat reflecting on the weekend this song was posted in the group chat our small group set up before we parted. Listening to this song for the first time, memories of the healing work we did together over the weekend flashed through my mind. I saw their faces. I felt the connections we made. Feelings of gratitude, hope and love flooded through me. I was not alone anymore. I knew each and every one of those men understood me in a way not many people could. I knew they had my back. In some way, we were like brothers now.

I was not alone anymore

As I returned to my life after the weekend, I played this song many times over several months and each time I was reminded of our shared healing experience and most importantly that I was not alone. I still listen to it from time to time and I still remember.

The song reminds us; “I’ve got you brother. I’ve got you brother.” We are not alone. May you find comfort and strength in this song.

If you are a survivor, the friend, family member or someone who works with survivors, and u have songs you’d like to share please tell us in the comment section below or email them to me, Together we can share the music for our healing journeys.

Be well. Stay safe. Take care.

You are not alone.


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