update: The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2021

One in six men experience sexual victimization in their lifetime. But many men don’t tell anyone for years, don’t seek help, and don’t speak about it publicly. Many men don’t even view that what was done to them makes them a survivor.

Harmful beliefs about masculinity often interfere with healing for male sexual victimization survivors – for example, the common myth that “real men” shouldn’t seek help or mental health care.

In this public storytelling and community dialogue series, male survivors from across the country will have the opportunity to publicly share stories about their own journeys of healing from sexual victimization, with a live online audience. The stories will be followed by an audience-presenter dialogue.

This project is led by MenHealing and the Men’s Story Project.

Several men seated on a stage, one of whom is speaking into a microphone.

Presenters will also be able to opt to have their live stories recorded and put online, as part of MenHealing’s “Voices of Healing” video series, and the Men’s Story Project YouTube channel.   

Creativity and the use of diverse mediums are welcome (e.g., poetry, prose, monologues, music), and the stories can have accompanying visuals (e.g., photos, paintings, video art, live or filmed dance pieces with original or licensed music).

Contributions of all kinds are welcome: serious, meaningful use of humor, etc. – the main theme is authenticity. Our aim is to create powerful public moments of truth-sharing and dialogue that challenge the invisibility and isolation of male survivors, and build community. 

We invite submissions from men and folks who identify with masculinity in any way, who are ages 18+, survivors of sexual victimization in childhood or as adults, of diverse race/ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, etc. Learn More…

2 thoughts on “Men’s Story Project: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS!”

  1. I just registered for this workshopping series. What you should know and consider about my application: I already have a monologue which I am pleased to say has been publicly performed in a theater setting. The monologue is about a group sexual assault targeted at me when I was 15. I am now 74.

    In your workshop, I could revise it and add more about the lessons I took from the experience and the process of writing the monologue – the healing of engaging with the trauma. I would enjoy the opportunity to do so. However, I feel that since I already have done much of this work that you should give preference to others who are new to this process and only offer me a place if you have space for one more.

    Should you wish to hear the original monologue (10 minutes) I can send you an audio file.

    Charles Knight

    1. Hi Charles, to apply to participate in the Men’s Story Project, please visit the link below and click on the Register button. I’m just a volunteer with MenHealing, not on staff.


      Coincidentally, I have a background in the performing arts and have considered writing a monologue from my story. Never got around to it, though. Congratulations on your success. I hope your application to participate is accepted. Good luck and thanks for reaching out.

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