When I began to remember my abuse (at the age of 60) I felt so alone.  My wife and family were incredibly supportive.  Still I longed to find others who knew what it was like.  I tried online forums, read books and articles searching out stories like mine.  A couple years into my healing journey I became acquainted with MenHealing.  I learned of their Weekends of Recovery (WOR) and signed up.  I still remember my cross-country flight from Boston to Salt Lake City. As I stepped off the shuttle which took me and one other passenger to Alta, UT I didn’t quite know what to expect but felt like it was time.   I discovered during that weekend that these men shared common experiences, feelings and challenges.  I left with new friends and rather than feeling alone, feeling a part of a community of men ready to support each other. 

Since that time I have participated in other MenHealing programs and become the volunteer editor of this blog.   I am struck again and again about the power of feeling a part of a community who understands.  MenHealing works hard to connect survivors with each other, helping them build supportive connections and know they are not alone.

Check out these Upcoming events

MenHealing has much to offer male survivors as they move from surviving to thriving.  I want to highlight a couple of upcoming events.

On April 10 four trans and nonbinary survivors of sexual abuse/assault will share their stories of resilience and healing in a Live Premiere event. This program is offered in collaboration with FORGE. Here is a video. You can find more information on the website. Click here to register for the event.

Mixed-Media Art Workshop

MenHealing is offering a Mixed-Media Art Workshop consisting of 4 online gatherings in May. It is an opportunity to create, express and connect in our mixed-media art workshops that focuses on personal expression, connection with others, and pure enjoyment! During the workshop, you will create art objects using a wide variety of art materials. Explore mixed-media art as a tool to increase self-awareness, manage stress, promote: mindfulness, empowerment and healing. Check it out here.

Weekends of REcovery

Weekends of Recovery are a primary offering of MenHealing. My in person weekend pushed me out of isolation and moved me further along on my healing journey. You will find out much more about them on the Weekend of Recovery page. A calendar of upcoming events is also available.

Stay Informed

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I have just scratched the surface of what is available from MenHealing. I encourage you to take time to explore the website and spread the word about MenHealing.

Remember you are not alone.

Be well. Stay safe. Take good care.


1 thought on “Men Healing Has So Much to Offer”

  1. Hi Mike,
    I read your comments about your healing journey and I’d like to let you know about my novel which will be published on May 15. When We Were Wolves is the story of a man who discovers the one thing that will bring down his boyhood hero, now a national celebrity. But to do so, he must risk destroying the lives of everyone he loves.

    The man is a survivor of child sexual abuse as am I. The book is literary fiction but I believe that it will give readers a deep understanding of the journey survivors undertake to recover and will also generate empathy. For survivors, I hope it will let them know they are not alone. I’d be happy to send an advance reader copy to you or someone else at your organization if Men’s Healing would consider recommending it if the organization found it worthy and useful for your audience.

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