As we wrap up 2020 and prepare for the new year we’ve invited persons connected with MenHealing to share messages of hope, healing and inspiration. Each day we will feature a new message or thought for the day. If you’d like to offer your own message for men on the healing journey email them to me at Also be sure to comment below if you find this helpful or have responses to the day’ message. Today’s message encourages us to invite something new inside. What is something life giving you could invite in to yourself, your life this year? Please share your experiences of healing community in the comments below.

Be well. Stay safe. Take good care.


We HOld It (With A Hand on the heart)

2020 has been a year unlike any other in living memory for the planet, the country, our health, our safety.

For survivors who often struggle during this season anyway, the pandemic presents even more of a challenge: isolation, loss, memories, old habits, triggers…

We can find ourselves kind or cold. We may be fierce or fear-filled. Some of us are running fevers. We might eat or drink or work or sleep just to get through. We may become addicted to the dark, suspicious of the light. We grieve in so many ways.

Yet we so need joy, touch, words of solace. We need another kind of silence.

Perhaps as this year comes to its close, we might invite something new inside: a muscle of soul, a kind of vision on the blind path, a song without words. Neither sorrow nor joy is erased. Dark and light. We carry it all in our bodies and our brains.

We hold it (with a hand on the heart).

We hold it here.

Mikele Rauch

Executive Director, Taking Back Ourselves

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