We are committed to keeping registration fees for WOR/DOR events as reasonable as possible. We maintain the highest quality of service for our programs while maintaining a minimal amount of organizational overhead. Event budgets do require payments for venue rental, food, lodging, staff travel event supplies, and skills-building & recovery services.

Registering for a Weekend of Recovery is a bold and courageous step in your journey to heal. MenHealing seeks for our healing retreats to be accessible to all male survivors, regardless of financial resources. We want to help you lessen or remove financial barriers so that you can attend one of these powerful healing events.

Some men who want to attend a WOR have additional expenses to consider. They may have no paid days off from work or they may live in an area where air travel is very expensive. Whatever your circumstances, we understand that attending a WOR is a big investment. Therefore, we want to offer a number of suggestions… Here are 10 options to consider:

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MenHealing maintains a robust Financial Assistance Fund. To apply for a grant to offset up to 80% of registration fee for triple or double room occupancy, access the application here. (Financial Assistance grants will also be reviewed for anyone with physical limitations and/or medical issues that might require single room occupancy.)

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You may have medical insurance or alternative options for paying medical expenses – e.g., health savings account, flexible medical savings account, or cafeteria plan. Your policy may allow payment or reimbursement for all or portions of the registration fee – e.g., some providers may cover the cost for the skills-building services portion of registration, while you pay the costs for lodging and food. MenHealing is able to accept payments directly from these kinds of third-party options.

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Consider launching a Fundraising Campaign through FaceBook or your favorite social media platform.

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Many other crowd-funding platforms provide forums for you to reach out for financial requests – e.g., GoFundMe.

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You may want to reach out to family, friends, co-workers to donate for your registration &/or travel expenses in lieu of giving you a material gift for a special occasion – e.g., Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday, Special Recognition.

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If you are eligible for any amount of payments resulting from a legal settlement against your offender or are part of a class action settlement – e.g., Boy Scouts, Clergy Abuse, etc. – you can request that part of your money be used to attend a Weekend. MenHealing can accept direct third-party payments.

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Reach out to a family member, friend, or co-worker who is an active frequent flyer and ask them to transfer use some of their miles to help you with travel arrangements.

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If you are planning ahead to register for a Weekend, maybe you can pledge to yourself a specific amount of money to set aside in a special fund on a weekly/monthly basis or from each paycheck. A disciplined approach to saving a little money over an extended period of time might allow you to assemble the money you need for registration and travel.

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If you are unable to pay the full cost at the time of registration, you can request to make installment payments. Contact us to discuss this option if cash flow is a consideration in your ability to pay.

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You may have other ideas – but consider being creative and bold in asking for financial help. Ask others in your support network if they have ideas. And, remember that assembling a variety of small financial contributions may add up to the total amount of money you need.

Let us know if you have any questions about these suggestions. And share with us your success if you discover other ideas that we should add to this list.

Most of all, we want to support you in whatever way we can so that financial limitations are not a barrier to you attending a Weekend of Recovery healing experience.

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