Alphonse de Lamartine said: “Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.” Music touches us like nothing else.  Music has the power to comfort, inspire, inform, transform and heal us.  Music for the Healing Journey will be a regular feature of this blog for the coming months.  In it I will share music suggested by survivors, their companions and allies.  If you have a song you’d like to share email me at or leave your suggestions in the comments section.

David shared “Old Ghosts” by Matt Alber.  He said: “I was on my way home from conducting a training with the University of Baltimore and I was listening to the word in this song.  I was struck by how I could see my younger self talking to the adult in me. The Ghost in the closet and the possibility of caring for that part of me.”

The first verse says:

 What did you say last night? I couldn't quite hear you
 Did it sound like regret?
 Was it something I said?
 My darling dear, I fear we couldn't have meant it
 Some old ghosts in the room
 We should see to those soon
 If I'd been wise, I would have offered my eyes
 Torn those locks from the door
 See, this is mine, and it's yours 

 I invite you to listen to the song and hear what message it has to say to you.  What does your younger self need to hear from you? 

What songs offer you healing on your journey?  Please share them with us.

Next week we begin a monthly series, “Kevin’s Journey.” Each month Kevin Flood will share words of wisdom he has learned during is decades of recovery.  In his first post he says “My driving forces have been to never stop learning, the acceptance of my own story, to listen well, and be open to new ideas and be a real daily student of my own life.”  Read what Kevin has to share next week.

Be well.  Stay safe.  Take good care.


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