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Alta ONLINE Partners, Family & Friends Day of Recovery

  • 03 Oct 2020
  • (EDT)
  • 04 Oct 2020
  • (EDT)
  • 2 sessions
  • 03 Oct 2020, 1:00 PM 4:30 PM (EDT)
  • 04 Oct 2020, 1:00 PM 4:00 PM (EDT)
  • Online Event
  • 10


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
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This Day of Recovery (DOR) is designed for anyone, 18 or older, who is a Partner, Family Member, or Friend of a male survivor.

Male survivors often do not disclose their sexual victimization until many years after they experience such a profound personal violation. Too often males are reluctant to ask for help or are apprehensive to seek mental health services. They may believe they are alone and consequently become isolated as a coping strategy. Partners, Family Members, and Friends are inevitably impacted.

If someone in your life is a male survivor of sexual victimization, your relationship with him has probably been impacted.  You may have been unable to find resources for yourself and thereby feel equally isolated and confused. Balancing your own needs and feeling with your desire to support your loved one may be complicated. This Day of Recovery (DOR) is an opportunity to explore your own reactions and identify critical issues for yourself and your own self-care. Time together with others who seek to support themselves and their loved one may open the door for networking that extends beyond this DOR.

As with the Weekend and Day of Recovery (WOR/DOR) healing retreats we conduct for male survivors, this event is an adjunctive resource, not a replacement for Therapy. We appreciate and respect the important role that you - as a partner, Family Member, or friend - contribute to the healing process for the male survivor in your life.

WOR and DOR healing retreats have been conducted throughout the United States and Canada since 2001. These events are open to any man, 18 years or older, who has been sexually victimized as a child and/or assaulted or raped as an adult.  More information about these events is available at the following links:

This Partner, Family Member, or Friend DOR  is available to anyone who is 18 or older,  regardless of whether your loved one has attended a WOR or DOR event.  By engaging participants in creating an environment that supports safety, our program format seeks to acknowledge and honor the authentic diversities of attendees  (racial, ethnic, class, spirituality, sexuality, gender,  etc.). This workshop is not intended as therapy, but rather is complementary and adjunctive to other therapeutic resources you may have already accessed.

This workshop will be conducted virtually via the MenHealing confidential Zoom platform. The program will be divided into two 3 ½ hour sessions to be conducted on two consecutive days. Attendance at both sessions is required and you must have access to (1) stable internet connection, (2) screen that is computer or pad in size, and (3) confidential and uninterrupted physical setting. Members of the Facilitator Team conduct pre-event interviews for all registrants.

Registration will open June 5, 2020.You are encouraged to register early as space is limited and we expect a high demand for this workshop.  We will evaluate the need for additional workshops for Partners, Friends, and Allies to add to our schedule for 2021 events.  

Facilitator Team

Facilitator Team for this ONLINE event is comprised of both male and female facilitators: Tosin Akindele, Sharon Imperato, Diana Thomas, & Jim Struve

We do not want cost to be a barrier for anyone to attend any of our retreats. 20 - 80% scholarship grants are available for both triple and double occupancy room selections at all Weekends of Recovery. Scholarships are considered in order of submission.  Please apply NOW.

Help Support A Survivor Who Has Financial Needs

Many of our participants benefit from the generosity of financial assistance. If you are in a position to make a financial contribution to our financial assistance fund, you can make a donation through our website. Thanks for any help you can provide

If you need help navigating the scholarship or registration process, please feel free to email our office coordinator Trisha.

All cancellations made before 30 days prior to event date will allow refund minus $50 non refundable deposit; no refunds will be issued during final 30 days prior to event date.

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