As we wrap up 2020 and prepare for the new year we’ve invited persons connected with MenHealing to share messages of hope, healing and inspiration. Each day we will feature a new message or thought for the day. If you’d like to offer your own message for men on the healing journey email them to me at Also be sure to comment below if you find this helpful or have responses to the day’ message. Today’s message reminds us we are not alone. We are a part of a larger community. I hope you will take that to heart. Please share your experiences of healing community in the comments below.

Be well. Stay safe. Take good care.


A Community of Purpose

Terry Tempest Williams, a conservation activist and author, articulates the importance – and urgency – of living in community, of bringing together a community of nature, a community of purpose and spirit.

Nature, Purpose and Spirit are elements of every Weekend of Recovery.  We choose physical locations where we can touch and honor the land.  We come together as survivors and healers with the purpose of becoming visible and healing one another through community.  In community, we actively work to change the stigma of male survivors. 

As we each reflect on our individual and shared journeys during 2020 and anticipate the new beginning of 2021, embrace the community you have helped to create. MenHealing offers a community of volunteers, support staff, facilitators, board members, WOR alumni and family and friends connecting with the purpose of changing the invisibility of male sexual victimization, and changing each story from one of shame to one of proclamation and empowerment.

We heal in ways that integrate mind, body and spirit, in relationship with the Earth.

Joanna Colrain

Chair, MenHealing Board of Directors

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