The Facilitator Team conducted their annual Retreat at Alta Lodge, Utah on August 15th – 17th. This was the first time we have all been together in person since August 2019; during that expanse of time our team has grown from 14 to 18 Facilitators. Meanwhile, the Board of Directors convened a virtual Retreat on August 20th – 22nd. The Board has also added 4 new members in the last 2 years. Both Facilitator Team and Board reflect the expanding depth of organizational multiculturalism.

Facilitators and Board reaffirmed several important commitments that define our organizational culture:

  • Environmental Sustainability – healing the earth must be woven into our work of healing sexual victimization; our activities require an intention to minimize our environmental footprint.
  • Social Justice – we have a responsibility to address social and cultural factors that intersect with sexual victimization; effective healing includes active participation in movement-building efforts to end sexual violation and its intersection with other social justice issues.
  • Multiculturalism – we seek to include people of all colors, ethnicities, abilities, genders, sexualities, and beliefs in our organization as well as in the resources we provide; genuine inclusion and equity requires bold challenges to the status quo.
  • Grassroots Participation – we are committed to honor the wisdom and energies of the survivors whom we serve; WOR Alumni are included in the organizational fabric of MenHealing – as active support staff, board members, and special projects volunteers.

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  1. do you have a Canadian affiliate? I have studied many natural healing modalities and means to drive the emotions out of the body and mind and would like to start a Vancouver chapter similar to your. please connect with me if this might be an option to explore.
    thank you

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