Weekend of Recovery Alumni Projects

Our Weekend of Recovery Alumni, Facilitator Team and Support Staff are continually creating and participating in outreach and special projects. Here you can find some of them archived.

Drew, a Light-skinned man with modern crew cut hair smiling.

Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing

Beyond Survival: Voices of Healing is an ongoing video series aimed to highlight the healing journeys of male survivors of sexual abuse who want to share their stories about life beyond survival. Brief videos ( 2–5 minutes) highlight the healing journeys of male survivors. These videos are a source of inspiration and hope – real life stories of courageous men who have transformed their lives beyond survival. See Their Stories…

Voices of Alumni

Voices of Alumni

Weekend of Recovery participants frequently send information about ways the WOR program has empowered them to expand their life and thrive. One example is the number of Alumni who are demonstrating their newly-acquired courage by publicly sharing their personal narratives. Voices of Alumni is a listing of some of these projects…

A smiling, bearded man in front of a sign showing him at the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Expedition Challenge

In 2018, male survivor and Weekend of Recovery alumnus, Jordan Masciangelo, decided that he wanted to do something to give back to the healing community that had, quite literally, saved his life. He had a deep desire to take his years of sexual abuse awareness activism to the next level — to make an impact, something that would make a statement. So he made the commitment to exemplify this by climbing one of the world’s highest mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro, raising money for male survivors along the way. Learn about his amazing success…


Weekend of Recovery T-Shirt Art

One of the many creative projects undertaken during a Weekend of Recovery is having participants hand-paint a t-shirt with some aspect of their story depicted in whatever manner they choose. View a photo gallery of these t-shirts…