Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team

Sandi Forti, a grey haired woman with light skin and glasses, smiling.
Sandi Forti, Ph.D.

Meet Sandi in our Faces of Menhealing Video Archive

Sandi is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in Columbus, Ohio, and has been a facilitator for the Weekends of Recovery for Men Healing since 2006, and Taking Back Ourselves since 2014.

Sandi sees herself as providing context within which trauma can be understood as part of the landscape of soul, and healing can lay the foundation for the development and expression of the authentic self. She has worked for many years with victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse, and with families who struggle to love and heal both. She is versed in working with the patterns of thinking and behavior that grow out of the effort to cope with abuse, such as depression, dissociation, use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs, etc.

Her interests in archetypal psychology, body awareness, and the healing power of meditation have added breadth and depth to her work with individuals who are seeking to heal from past traumas and who desire new ground for a relationship with the present.