Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team

Kenton Kirby, an African-American middle-aged man with very light beard in a pink polo shirt smiling at the camera.
Kenton Kirby, LCSW

Kenton completed a Masters degree in Social Work from New York University. With up to 20 years of experience in the field Mr. Kirby has worked in a number of positions in child welfare as well as a Forensic Social worker throughout the New York State court system.

Kenton has worked as an adjunct lecturer at the graduate and undergraduate level in New York City and has a wide array of experience providing individual and group therapy to those with complex mental health needs in sex offender, parenting, and drug treatment programs.

In his current role as the Director of Practice at the Center for Court Innovation, Kenton is responsible for spearheading direct practice values and vision for one of the largest city agencies in New York City. Kenton was also one of the founders in developing the Make it Happen program at the Center for Court Innovation. Make it Happen is a revolutionary and nationally recognized program model that provides mentoring, intensive case management, clinical interventions, and supportive workshops to young men of color ages 16-24 who have been impacted by violence. Through a trauma-informed and culturally competent approach participants are challenged to think about how their definition of manhood is intertwined in trauma and the implications it has on stereotypical gender roles.

Mr. Kirby has presented at a number of local, national and international conferences on the success of Make It Happen and the programs approach to trauma, healing and advocacy for victims. Through an expansion, Make it Happen is now participating in a number of inter-agency collaborations to integrate this model into other parts of New York City and across the country utilizing the programs trauma toolkit Responding to Trauma Among Young Men of Color: Adapting the Crown Heights Approach for Your Community.

Kenton was awarded the 2016 Emerging Leader Award by the National Association of Social Workers, New York City Chapter (NASW-NYC). He was the recipient of the Community Impact Award from the Urban Justice Center in 2017. Kenton was also a recipient of the 2019 Advocates Award from the NYC Mayor’s Office to End Gender Based Violence (ENDGBV).

Kenton is a former college basketball player and a big fan of all NY sports teams.