Weekend of Recovery Facilitator Team

Howard Fradkin, a Light-skinned older man with sparse grey hair in an orange dress shirt smiling at the camera.
Howard Fradkin, Ph.D., LICDC-CS, WOR Leadership Team Emeritus

Howard was the first Chairperson of the Weekends of Recovery program, which began in October 2001. In 2010, he became the Co-Chair with Jim Struve, LCSW. In 2017, as Howard was winding down his private practice, he also chose to retire from the Weekends of Recovery team, after overseeing and helping to facilitate over 60 weekends for over 1200 men.

Howard is deeply indebted to every courageous male survivor who entrusted the facilitator team as we joined forces to take brave steps toward surviving and thriving. In his Emeritus role, Howard will continue to offer consultation to Jim and the team as needed to help the new organization to thrive even more!

Howard continues to provide professional trauma training and provides consultations to public defenders and private attorneys who are working to advocate for male and female survivors in the criminal legal system. 

Howard is the author of Joining Forces: Empowering Male Survivors to Thrive, published by Hay House in November, 2012. He has been featured as an expert on Oprah Winfreys 200 Men show, Dr. Phil, Katie, Huffington Post TV, and many nationally syndicated and local radio shows.

He is also Partner Emeritus of Affirmations Psychological Services, in Columbus, Ohio, where he provided individual, couples and group psychotherapy from 1984-2017.