MenHealing Board of Directors

Jordan Masciangelo, a Light-skinned man with baseball cap and brown beard in front of ocean waves.

Creative Director

Jordan has been working in sexual abuse survivor outreach for over 10 years. A three-time Weekend of Recovery alumnus himself, Jordan began publicly telling his story in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police in Canada as part of their inaugural male victimization conference. After 25 of these award-winning conferences, Jordan’s passion for activism took root and he went on to join other support initiatives, becoming a keynote speaker and educator at events and conferences across North America.

Known for his gregarious personality and creative eye, Jordan continued to garner relationships and opportunities to work with many service and outreach agencies across North America including End Child Prostitution & Trafficking Canada, The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness, Corrections Canada, MaleSurvivor, The Winnipeg Sexually Exploited Youth Coalition, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Healthy Minds Group as well as many First Nations support centers.

After spending 3 months in the wilds of South America 6 years ago, Jordan discovered the healing power of travel and outdoor adventure…

Adventure compels self-awareness, body-awareness, trust, interpersonal skills and problem solving — promoting growth, confidence and empowerment. These cylinders fire all at once, eliciting profound personal change.

Now, 5 continents and 30 countries later, Jordan sees no signs of stopping his mission to see and feel as much of our planet as possible – he believes true healing comes from experience and pushing your personal boundaries.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Jordan currently lives in Fort Lauderdale, where he continues to evolve his outreach work – now focusing on how survivors can push through recovery, begin to thrive and lead rich and full lives. Working directly with MenHealing, Jordan created the Kilimanjaro Expedition Challenge to raise money to support the WOR Financial Assistance Fund.