To MenHealing Weekends of Recovery Alumni, Friends, and Supporters

In addition to our Newsletter sharing news about the work of MenHealing, we will begin to include periodic “Messages from MenHealing’s Executive Director” to offer commentary about important matters.

Jim Struve, Light-skinned man with long, silver hair and multiple earrings smiling at the camera.
Jim Struve, Executive Director of MenHealing

For example, in the present moment, it seems important to acknowledge the distress many of us may be experiencing as we are engulfed by tumultuous cultural events. As male survivors and allies, each of us is vulnerable to internal triggers when we are bombarded by media reports of ever-increasing incidents of violence. We may feel the pain of isolation as we witness efforts to erase the basic human rights of others or ourselves. We are susceptible to absorbing rage about acts of injustice. During times like now, it is especially important that we embrace the power of hope, and…

  • Reach out to others and share your feelings.
  • Join with others to create a community.
  • Use the skills that have served your own healing.
  • Seek opportunities for active involvement where you feel you can help to make a change.
  • And remember:

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