our cause: why WOR works

Recovery from sexual abuse is difficult, and at times, can seem almost impossible. The courage and commitment it takes to face your trauma head on and better your life is a daunting task that nobody should ever have to go through alone.

Recovery cannot be a solo journey. Community is necessary.

Men often face a very different set of struggles than women when suffering from a history of sexual abuse and it is paramount that there are opportunities for them to find a way to get involved, meet other men and share their experiences.

The Weekend of Recovery program provides just that; community - a collective of other men, from different places and all walks of life, who understand and support each other. A healing space where men can trust that their stories will be heard, accepted and appreciated.

When men attend these workshops, there is often an instant connection. They finally feel like they are no longer one in a million, but part of a brotherhood. The feeling of marginalization and isolation quickly vanishes.

These healing weekends are carefully planned, facilitated and conducted by the cream of the crop. The WOR team is an incredible team of highly experienced, trained and respected professionals who have programed an experiential retreat specifically designed to inform, inspire, and support men - leaving them with the tools, the community and the confidence to move forward in their journey. No matter where a man may be in his recovery, the WOR program is like a booster shot to their emotional and mental immune system.

In a world where resources for male survivors are few and far between, this program is invaluable and it is for that reason that we need to make this program as accessible as possible to men from all walks of life and financial means.

Even though the WOR team does everything in their power to keep costs as low as possible, running retreats of this nature can cost a pretty penny. There is a scholarship fund in place to help those men who want to attend a weekend but financially cannot meet the required costs and need assistance. This fund is maintained through donations and contributions.

Donations collected from the Beyond Survival campaign will go to that scholarship fund, ensuring that more men will have the opportunity to attend these weekends and tell their stories.

Help us grow the fund.  Help us send more men to heal.

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