Paul Linden, Ph.D.

Paul Linden, a specialist in body awareness education and the developer of Being In MovementĀ® mindbody education. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Education, a sixth degree black belt in Aikido and a first degree black belt in Karate, and he is an instructor of the Feldenkrais MethodĀ® of somatic education.

He has extensive experience teaching people such as musicians, athletes, computer users, pregnant women, adult survivors of child abuse, children with attention disorders, people embroiled in conflicts, and business persons. He has numerous articles, e-books, and videos downloadable from his website

Among them are:

• Winning is Healing: Body Awareness and Empowerment for Abuse Survivors
• Embodied Peacemaking: Body Awareness, Self-Regulation and Conflict Resolution
• Breakfast Essays: Brief Writings on Body Awareness and Life
• Embodying Power And Love: Body Awareness & Self- Regulation
(10 hour training video)

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