A paradigm shift

The statistics are staggering.

1 in 6 boys will be sexually victimized before they reach the age of 18

Think about that for just a second… 1 in 6 !

According to those stats, there is likely a man in your life, right now, who is suffering from the crippling effects of sexual abuse.

It is no longer a secret that boys and men are affected by sexual victimization at only a slightly lower rate than girls and women. The fight against sexual victimization has had some significant successes, but the battle is far from over. Male sexual victimization remains a widespread and dangerous epidemic that continues to be under-reported, under-recognized and under-served across the globe. Stigma has been keeping men silent for generations.

It’s time to change that. A paradigm shift needs to happen.

Is the subject taboo? Yes. But that is exactly why we need to be talking about it. That is exactly why this issue can’t be swept under the rug or handled with kid gloves any longer. A statement needs to be made. We need to show our communities that we aren’t afraid to talk about what nobody else is talking about. The safe and easy routes are always well-traveled, but we all know that real change has never been safe or easy.

As survivors, it is easy to feel defined by the sexual abuse we endured. We are victims. Then, once we come to terms with the abuse and begin recovery, we have the opportunity to redefine ourselves. We are survivors.

But is that enough? Can we remain complacent with our lives because we don’t want to rock the boat we’ve spent so much time getting afloat?

If you ask me, No. Absolutely not.

We are more than just survivors. It is not OK to be just OK. It is important to be bold; to redefine ourselves over and over again. It’s time to become whatever or whoever we want to be! We thrive. We discover our passions. We develop our limits and we push them.

We move beyond survival!


Jordan Masciangelo

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