Matt Stella, LICSW, Dipl.PW.

Matt Stella, LICSW, Dipl.PW. lives and works in Salem, MA, north of Boston. He has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 2001, with 9 years in practice in Salt Lake City, UT before moving to Massachusetts. His work with depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors and relationship challenges has focused on the dynamics of shame, inner authority, and transformation. For 8 years he has led Men’s Groups and specialized in men’s issues. In addition to his Masters in Social Work, Matt earned a Masters in Process Work over a 12-year span of in-depth, experiential training. Process Work is a mind-body-spirit, holistic approach that combines principles of Taoist philosophy, contemplative psychology, Jungian roots and Gestalt methods. Matt has also been drawn to movement and dance at various points in his life, and has used Authentic Movement and Contact Improvisation, along with meditation, as tools for personal growth.
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