Challenge is the greatest facilitator of change. The tougher the challenge, the greater the growth. We invite you to join us on a new adventure to East Africa - an adventure designed to inspire male survivors of sexual abuse to break free from the confines of mere survival. We are not here to survive, we are here to live.

Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is a behemoth of a mountain, one of the highest peaks on the planet - reaching her summit is a challenging feat, and that is exactly why climbing her is an ideal way to promote male sexual victimization awareness, focusing on what can be rather than what was.

You may have never been directly affected by sexual abuse, but I can say with almost certainty, that you know somebody who has been and maybe you don’t know how to help...

Be Bold. Start here.

Kilimanjaro Expedition Goal

Our goal with this fundraising campaign is to raise $12,000 to contribute to the Weekend of Recovery Scholarship Fund - allowing men with financial hardships the opportunity to attend these invaluable healing retreats. If successful, The Kilimanjaro Expedition Challenge has the potential to change lives of up to 25 very deserving male-identifying survivors.
Collected: $7,721.00
Goal: $12,000.00
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