Jim Struve, LCSW

Jim Struve, LCSW has been a practicing social worker since 1976. He is currently in private practice in Salt Lake City. He has worked with males in a variety of clinical settings: child protective services, residential treatment, in-patient hospitals, community agencies, and outpatient private practice.

With special attention to mindful presence in the healing relationship, Jim works with a wide range of client issues: trauma, relationship enhancement, healthy life choices, fostering resilience, conflict resolution, addiction recovery, and dissociative response spectrum.

Jim is a founding member of MaleSurvivor.org and is currently the Coordinator for the Weekends of Recovery retreat program. He was the recipient of the Richard Gartner Outstanding Clinical Services Award at the 2010 International MaleSurvivor Conference in New York City.

Jim regularly conducts training workshops for professionals. He has been an Adjunct Professor for Westminster College in Salt Lake City (teaching a seminar on “Trauma”) and he is frequently invited for in-services programs for agencies and college classes for clinical mental health students.

Publications for Jim include: “Dancing With the Patriarchy: The Politics of Sexual Abuse” (1990); The Ethical Use of Touch in Psychotherapy (co-author: 1997);  “Beyond the Gay/Straight Binary: Gender and/or Sexually Diverse Male Survivors” (co-author: forthcoming 2017); and “Empowering Male Survivors to Heal Through Community and Peer Connections” (co-author: forthcoming 2017).

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