History of WOR

In 1988, Peter Dimock, LCSW; Ken Singer, LCSW; and Jim Struve, LCSW collaborated to organize a one-day ground-breaking conference (St. Paul, MN) to address Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse. At that time, only limited information could be offered to those who participated. But those present had great enthusiasm and the clear recognition that the conference was a necessary and valuable resource, where professionals could share practical information and ask questions. The energy generated by the first conference helped fuel the production of a second conference a year later in Atlanta. This conference brought together over 400 professionals —many pioneer writers, researchers and practitioners in the area of male sexual victimization.

After the Atlanta Conference, an Advisory Committee was formed to oversee several other Male Survivor Conferences that were conducted throughout the United States. In 1995, the Advisory Committee facilitated the incorporation of the National Organization Against Male Sexual Victimization (NOMSV). This organization later merged with MaleSurvivor and changed its name to MaleSurvivor.org

The Weekends of Recovery program was launched in 2001 and continued conduct events under the auspices of MaleSurvivor.org thru 2017.  In 2012, the program was expanded to include a Day of Recovery (DOR) event for those who may wish to partake in a single-day healing experience. The DOR provides an opportunity for men to gain a brief experience of our basic process and decide whether the three-day WOR retreat would be right for them.

The WOR/DOR program moved from MaleSurvivor in 2017 and incorporated independently as MenHealing, a 501(c)3 non-profit, tax-exempt organization. MenHealing is dedicated to expand healing resources for male survivors of sexual violence and to maintain long-term sustainability for the WOR/DOR program.

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