Financial Philosophy of MenHealing/Weekends of Recovery

  • MenHealing is deeply committed to raising and managing money in ways that insure long-term financial sustainability and that maximize access to the service we provide.
  • We are devoted to building an organizational model of financial management that is grounded in five core principles of fairness, equality, responsibility, compassion, and transparency.
  • We seek a relationship with money that allows us to use our financial resources to reduce the barriers for male-identified survivors of sexual violence who desire to access the healing services that we provide.

MenHealing is committed to:

Financial Sustainability

  • Maximizing the amount of YOUR financial contributions be used to provide direct services; therefore we pledge to minimize administrative overhead
  • Maintaining rigorous professional oversight and quality control over all aspects of our financial operations
  • Evaluating the implications of all financial decisions within the context of their effects on our operations 7 years into the future
Maximizing access to our services
  • Developing pricing structures for our events that respect a range of financial abilities to pay
  • Retaining a healthy financial assistance fund capable of providing event registration assistance for circumstances of limited financial resources or financial hardship
  • Engaging in vigorous fund-raising to secure robust financial support for our organization and event services
  • Collaborating and building bridges with other organizations


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