Weekend of Recovery

DAY OF Recovery overview

recovery from sexual abuseSurvivors are resilient and have developed the ability to feel better and experience safety, self-worth, intimacy, and freedom. Difficult emotions, such as shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, anger and many others, may feel like inner perpetrators for many survivors by shutting them down and trapping them in unhealthy patterns. The Day of Recovery is designed to help participants develop a conscious and healing relationship with these difficult emotions – a relationship characterized by exquisite self-compassion, self-respect, and self-direction. We will utilize mindfulness skills, body awareness and empowerment, experiential activities, music, art, outdoor exploration, movement, play, and small-group processing to reach these goals.

The Day of Recovery is shorter than a Level 1 Weekend of Recovery.

General goals for a Day of Recovery – to help you leave with:

  1. Increased awareness and understanding of the impact of abuse on building and enhancing intimacy
  2. Enhanced ability to connect with other male survivors and their partners, with an intimate partner, with the significant people in your life, and with your own inner experience
  3. Practical skills for ensuring safety
  4. Building and enhancing the intimacy in your life and working together with a partner to further your healing
  5. The power to identify and remove psychological, emotional and spiritual blocks to your healing process
  6. If you are a partner of a male survivor, to gain additional support and skills to enhance your own self-care and deepen intimacy in relationships.
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