Weekend of Recovery

Is This for me? How Can I Prepare for the Weekend?

therapy for sexual abuseFor those survivors working with professionals, we recommend discussing your planned participation in this Weekend of Recovery to get their feedback and suggestions for how you can benefit as much as possible from the experience while keeping yourself as safe as you need to be. All participants must be able to safely and appropriately engage in structured group activities. Survivors who already have an established support system of friends/family members/significant others are encouraged to talk with them about your participation so they can be available both before and after the Weekend of Recovery as needed to help you prepare and process your experiences.

If you are not in therapy, and/or do not yet have a support network, we encourage you to consider setting up an appointment with a therapist either before you come to the retreat, or as soon as possible after your return, and/or encourage you to explore what types of self-help groups and resources are available in your community or nearby. Another option is to visit bulletin boards and moderated chat rooms that are available on the internet and that allow you to connect with other survivors. You can also review testimonials from survivors who have attended previous weekends.

sexual abuse treatment for menAs mentioned above, part of creating safety at the weekends is by requiring every potential participant to talk with one of our facilitators prior to the Weekend of Recovery. After you register for a Weekend of Recovery, a member of the Facilitator Team will contact you by phone to talk with you about your needs for the Weekend of Recovery and your readiness to participate. All participants must be able to safely and appropriately engage in structured group activities.

If we have any concerns about you participating, we may suggest some steps you can take to enhance your readiness for this weekend or we may ask you to wait for a future weekend while you take some additional steps we believe would be important for you to benefit from the experience.

During the Weekend of Recovery, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of different types of activities. The Weekend of Recovery is structured to include sessions with the entire community of participants as well as small group sessions, where you can have more individual time to talk and share your feelings and observations.

mens retreatThe Weekend of Recovery program will introduce you to a variety of approaches for managing emotions and life stressors, as well as promoting relaxation. Everyone will have opportunities to choose how to tell your story – through words, through art, through movement, and/or through music. We’ll also include time for rest and to enjoy the beautiful physical environments that are available at each of our Weekend of Recovery venues. A goal is for all participants to have a range of skills and experiences to take home with them.

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